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Our classes for children under 5 are designed to support their early development through engaging gymnastics activities and lots of fun! These sessions emphasise learning through play in a secure environment. Every term, we introduce exciting themes to spark your child's creativity and curiosity. This approach aims to promote emotional well-being and social skills, setting a solid foundation for cognitive growth and physical coordination. Plus, our coaches are all certified by British Gymnastics!

We have three pay as you go classes, or become a member and join Woking Gymnastics Pre-school group by paying monthly to access weekly classes fit for you.  

These classes are available as pay as you go. Add to cart on our online shop to book your place.


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Bouncing, spinning, rolling- your children are already natural-born gymnasts, so why not start here to develop their physical skills?

Join our relaxed exploratory class to enhance their developmental skills through singing nursery rhymes and using tactile equipment for sensory and physical development.


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Our Fun 4 Toddler classes help teach your child important skills like strength, balance and coordination whilst learning through play.

Our British Gymnastics qualified coaches supervise, ensuring a fun and healthy foundation for an active lifestyle.


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Enjoy an action packed morning bouncing, climbing and exploring in our fully equipped gym with your child. It's a parent-supervised playtime where your child can explore and play on their favourite equipment. Our friendly coach will be there to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Become a member to access these classes. Pay monthly instalments. 
Enquire now and pay monthly and become a member of Woking Gymnastics Pre-School and access weekly classes fit for you. 

PARENT & CHILD: (Structured 2-4 Years) 

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This structured class begins with a group warm-up using songs and hand apparatus, followed by themed exploration of gymnastics equipment guided by the coach. It enhances your child's listening, social, and concentration skills as they share and play with equipment. The class concludes with a parachute cool-down.

PARENT FREE: 3 Years - School Age

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In this parent-free class, children start with a group warm-up and practice their initial gymnastics skills. They work in small groups with a coach, improving their skills, which are tracked on their progression cards. When they complete specific skills on their cards, they receive a certificate at the end of the term. This class fosters confidence, social interaction, and motor skill development.

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