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Terms and Conditions - Woking Gymnastics Club (WGC)
November 2023.


Membership and class acceptance

Pay monthly Squad and recreational gymnastics

  • It is compulsory to hold valid British Gymnastics and WGC membership to attend classes. WGC membership is non-refundable.

  • Members may be prevented from participating if class fees and membership have not been paid.

  • Gymnasts must always be suitably dressed, with long hair tied back.

  • No jewellery, watches, piercings to be worn in the gym as wearing these items may cause a danger to yourself and other gymnast. It may invalidate your BG membership insurance.

  • It is your responsibility to notify WGC of any changes to your child’s health, medical history, change of address and contact numbers.

Pay as go classes (PAYG)

  • WGC membership is not required to attend PAYG classes.

  • Valid British Gymnastics membership is required to attend PAYG adult, drop in gymnastics and home education classes but not for PAYG classes for the under 5’s.

  • Should you fail to provide evidence of valid BG membership when attending an adult, drop in or home education class you will not be permitted to participate.


Class booking
Pay monthly Squad and recreational gymnastics

  • On joining you are required to complete a WGC enrolment form, to provide full contact details and set up a direct debit mandate.

  • Class fees are collected monthly in advance by direct debit.

  • Club membership is split into 12 equal payments and added to the Class fee direct debit.

  • If you join part way through a month, the fees and membership will be pro-rata.

  • WGC does not offer refunds, make up or offer additional classes which have been missed.

  • If a place in a class is cancelled, and you then wish to re-enrol, your child will be added to the waiting list. You will be notified when a space becomes available.

  • As a registered charity, WGC aims to keep the cost of classes as low as possible, we therefore reserve the right to recover unpaid fees and membership owed. However, if you have an issue in paying, please contact the Club Finance Manager who will endeavour to help you.

Pay as go classes

  • All payment must be made prior to participating in a class.

  • Pre booking via the WGC website is encouraged. If you have not pre booked you may pay in person prior to the class, only if there are spaces available. By not pre booking you accept that you may not be able to participate.

  • WGC does not offer refunds, make up or offer additional classes which have been missed.

Payments and Cancellations:

  • We require one months’ notice for the cancelling of classes. Notice will be required via email or telephone. Fees and membership paid are non refundable.

  • Fees are collected at the start of each month via GoCardless. All members require an active direct debit to participate in classes (Siblings require separate mandates to be completed).

  • If payment fails, a second attempt at collection will be made, failure again without communication will result in your child being removed from the class.

  • If a direct debit is cancelled on the customers side, the gymnasts will be removed from the class and risk losing their space until fees have been made.

  • Payments are collected over 11 months of the year. Membership only will be charged in August of £7.50 during the club’s summer break (Recreational and Pre-school gymnasts only).


Other conditions

  • All children taking part in recreational classes must be dropped off and collected from the Club entrance/reception area in person by a parent/guardian. Never instruct your child to meet you in the car park.

  • WGC cannot accept any responsibility and is not liable for any items lost, stolen, or broken whilst on our premises.

  • Items left on the premises will be placed in unguarded lost property. Unclaimed items will be disposed of every school half or end of term.

  • Parents/guardian are not permitted into the gymnasium and should keep the club reception area clear of obstruction.

  • If a child is unable to visit the toilet unaided, a parent/guardian must remain on site to assist.

  • Food and drink must not be taken into the gymnasium and should be left in the changing room.


Additional conditions for adults only

  • To attend adult classes, you must be 18 years of age or over and hold valid BG membership.

  • WGC is unable to accept insurance provided by 3rd parties, other than that provided by BG membership.

  • By attending a class, you confirm you are fit and healthy to participate in exercise.

  • No alcohol is to be brought into the gym or consumed prior to your gym class.

  • All footwear is to be left in the changing rooms.

  • You must use the equipment appropriately and should not attempt any moves beyond your ability.

  • It is your responsibility to put away any equipment that you have used in its designated storage place before you leave.

  • No admittance is allowed into the gym until your allocated time.



  • Video or photographic use, including use of mobiles phones, is not permitted in the gym area unless authorised by the Club for safeguarding reasons. Any members providing content/footage on the web, or social media, without the Club’s written permission will be required to remove such content/ footage immediately and may have their membership terminated.

  • WGC has the right to exclude anyone not adhering to our policies.

  • By agreeing to these term and conditions, you agree that WGC may hold personal information about you and your child, on our computer systems for management information purposes only.

Safeguarding, welfare, and behaviour

  • WGC has a zero-tolerance approach to unacceptable verbal and physical behaviour directed towards staff and coaches. Club members, or participants in PAYG classes, who abuse or who are disruptive to other members, class participants or staff may be asked to leave, and membership may be terminated.

  • WGC reserves the right to permanently exclude members or class participants at its sole discretion.

  • WGC takes the welfare of its members, gymnasts, and staff seriously and operates a robust safeguarding and welfare policy, details of such may be found on our website. Should you have any welfare concerns, please contact only our Lead Welfare Officer in the first instance. They can be contacted through email via and will act as the central point of contact for your concern. Please do not email welfare concerns directly to other members of WGC staff.


Right to amend
We reserve the right to exclude any persons not adhering to our policies.

Woking Gymnastics Club reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at its discretion and without notice. These Terms and Conditions supersede all former versions. Becoming a member or using Woking Gymnastics Club constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.


Gymnasts Code of Conduct
Please respect all club staff, coaches, and fellow gymnasts, by being polite and courteous. As a representative of Woking Gymnastics Club, you must always display professional and respectful conduct. Rudeness, insulting, threatening or racist behaviour, shouting, swearing, exclusion, physical or mental abuse will not be tolerated.

Parents code of Conduct
Support your child’s involvement and help them to enjoy their chosen sport. Never punish or belittle your child for poor performance or making mistakes. Always use correct and appropriate language. Publicly accept official judgements, we discourage challenging or arguing with club coaches and officials.

Endeavour to establish good communications with the club, coaches, and officials for the benefit of all. Your child is your responsibility prior to the start of a class. Please do not leave them before their class begins and always collect your child promptly at the end of the session.

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