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Woking Gymnastics Club takes immense pride in our Leadership Academy, a programme that introduces young individuals to diverse roles and opportunities within the world of gymnastics. This initiative not only helps them uncover their strengths and passions but also encourages their long-term commitment to the sport, ultimately contributing to a more robust future workforce. Each year, we welcome a fresh cohort of young leaders into the programme, where they engage with a variety of areas and topics, including: 

1. MY Learning: Young leaders embark on a journey of learning by completing a range of courses, encompassing both general skills and gymnastics-specific knowledge.

2. MY Development: Our leaders have the chance to find mentors within our community and learn invaluable skills through hands-on experience alongside them. 

3. MY Volunteering: These young leaders dedicate their time to support events and participate in crucial meetings, contributing to the growth of our club. 

4. MY Future: Leaders actively create development plans and work towards their personal and professional goals, fostering their growth within the sport. 

5. MY Projects: Leaders identify areas of need within the club and implement projects to address them, ultimately benefiting both themselves and the entire organisation. 


While the programme is primarily tailored for young leaders aged 13-17, we enthusiastically welcome anyone over the age of 17 as well. Many of our current coaches and staff members began their journey within our Leadership Academy and have since evolved into dedicated members of our coaching team. 

If you seek additional information about our Leadership Academy or are interested in joining this inspiring initiative, please don't hesitate to reach out to us today. We are eager to provide you with more details and welcome you into our community of aspiring leaders in gymnastics. 

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