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We work hard to keep our costs as low as possible, and greatly appreciate your continued support, it goes a long way in ensuring that we can provide exceptional gymnastics experiences for all our members.


We would like to highlight a couple of ways you can actively contribute to raising funds that will be reinvested into the club, further enhancing the experience for our gymnasts:


By supporting us through Gift Aid, members can help increase the funds raised through membership by 25%, at no extra cost. We are a charity so we can claim Gift Aid on the membership fees you pay.

Click here to fill in the form – its quick and easy. 

500 CLUB

For just £3 a month, you'll have the exciting opportunity to win up to £300, not once, but four times a year! Half of the money raised goes directly to support Club gymnastics, the rest is paid out in prizes. With a prize draw every three months, it's an engaging way to both support the Club and potentially win some extra cash.  

Click here to fill in the form and enter. 

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