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Our after-school programme caters for children between the ages of 4 (currently attending school) and 17 years old. These engaging classes are designed to make learning gymnastics a fun and enjoyable experience. We organise students into groups based on both their age and skill level. All of our coaches are certified by British Gymnastics and have undergone thorough DBS background checks.

Our after-school sessions are all geared towards our exclusive in-house badge program, which not only motivates students but also tracks their progress. Additionally, we recognise outstanding achievements through awards like 'Gymnast of the Term' and our annual Club Festival.

To join our classes, pre-booking is required, and we offer a convenient monthly direct debit payment system. If you're interested in becoming a member, please don't hesitate to reach out to us through our enquiry form or give us a call to inquire about our current availability.


NOVICE: Reception to school Year 6

Our Novice classes last 1 hour. Participants progress through different stages based on age, with increasing difficulty. Each class begins with a structured warm-up and activities to improve basic shapes, balance, and coordination. Gymnasts are grouped by ability and coached on all apparatus, boosting skills and confidence while having fun.

INTERMEDIATE: Age 7-13 years

Gymnasts with strong basic skills will attend our 1.5-hour intermediate classes. We start with a structured warm-up and work on all apparatus to build strength and confidence while learning more advanced skills in a fun, challenging setting. Intermediate gymnasts connect their skills and begin basic tumbling, alongside developing proficiency on our artistic apparatus.

ADVANCED: Age 8+ years

For gymnasts with a strong background in gymnastics. These classes 1.5 hour classes have a large focus on improving the gymnast’s strength, flexibility and performing their skills to a high standard. They participate in weekly progressions aimed to learn more challenging skills on all our equipment. We aim to develop the gymnasts understanding and knowledge of the skills they learning whilst refining skills they have previously achieved.   

ADVANCED+: Age 13-17 years

A 1.5 hour class that offers our older gymnasts greater flexibility in their sessions. These classes begin with a structured warm up and reinforcement of the basics. Gymnasts are then divided into smaller groups where they work with a coach on our apparatus.  At the end of each session participants are given free time where they are able to work on the specific skills and equipment they wish.   

TUMBLE: Age 8+

We're excited to introduce our expanded lineup of four tumble classes per week! Each of these tumbling sessions starts with a well-structured warm-up and skill-building exercises aimed at enhancing fundamental shapes. Our gymnasts then dive into the world of tumbling, mastering various elements on the floor, trampoline, and tumble track.

KEY STEPS: Age 4-7 years

Our Key Steps classes are designed for our current gymnasts who are showing great focus and demonstrate the potential for excelling in gymnastics. These classes are between 1 to 2 hours in length, during which gymnasts will receive full training across all apparatus. Entry into these classes is through coach selection only, with gymnasts being chosen from our pre-school and novice classes.

OPEN DROP IN: Age 8-17 years

Our Sunday pay as you go classes offer more freedom for participants to concentrate on specific skills of their choice. Our experienced  coaches will also be on hand to help with any skill requirements! 

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