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Parents Viewing!

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Starting from Monday 20th February, we are excited to be holding parents viewing week in all our recreational classes! This gives parents the opportunity to come into the gym to view one of your child’s sessions to see how they are getting on. We have split the viewing of classes over two weeks, please see the table below for which week you should stay and watch. Unfortunately we do not have a lot of space so you will only be able to attend the week your child’s class has been allocated. Seating will be limited so we ask that only one adult per child in the class attends.

There will be other recreational and squad classes running alongside your child’s session, so we ask you to be considerate when entering the gym and abide by the following rules:

  • Viewing will now take place on our vault run. Please ensure you drop your child off in reception as usual. Our team will then direct you round to our side door to enter the gym.

  • No food or drink in the gym.

  • Remain in the allocated seating area. If you need to use the toilet or speak to a member of our reception team, please exit through the side door and enter back through the main club entrance.

  • Siblings must not climb on the equipment or interrupt classes.

  • Mobile phones are not to be used in the gym.

  • No photography or videoing permitted.

  • At the end of your child's class, you will exit through the side door and collect your child in the usual way at the main club doors.


Monday 20th February

16:00- Novice and Key Steps

17:00- Novice 1 and Key Steps

18:00- Novice 3

18:30- Advanced

Tuesday 21st February

16:00- Novice

17:00- Novice 2

Wednesday 22nd February

16:00- Novice

17:00- Novice 2

​20:00 - Freestyle

Thursday 23rd February

15:45- Disability

16:30- Novice 1

17:00- Intermediate 1

17:30- Intermediate 2

18:30- Advance

19:00- Advance +

Friday 24th February

16:00- Novice

17:00- Novice 1

18:00- Novice 3


Monday 27th February

16:30- Novie 1

17:30- Novice 2

18:00- Intermediate 1

19:00- Intermediate 2

Tuesday 28th February

16:30- Novice 1

17:30- Intermediate 1

Wednesday 1st March

16:30- Novice 1

17:30- Novice 3

Thursday 2nd March

16:00- KeySteps

16:30- Novice

17:00- KeySteps

18:00- Tumbling 1

19:00- Tumbling 2

Friday 3rd March

16:30- Novice 1

17:30- Novice 2

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